The story behind Argot Swim is a lot like the story of my 20s. So, in a word, messy. 

It includes young dreams of entrepreneurship, multiple career changes, a handful of devastating heartbreaks, a move to New York, falling in love with travel, good bosses and bad bosses, 6 different apartments and a deep, persistent desire to find my place in this world and do work that I find meaningful. 

My name is Natalie, by the way. I think I forgot to mention that... 

If you wear swimwear, you probably love the ocean. That's why it didn't make any sense to me that swimwear is often created with sub-par, toxic plastic fibers. The production of which literally pollutes the oceans that we purchased our swimsuits to swim in. 

I wondered what it would look like to make an exciting, sustainable and ethical swimwear company that did more good than harm. I wondered so hard that I found myself doing research, ordering fabric samples and dreaming up what the collection would look like. I wondered so hard that I found myself making it happen, without ever really having decided to.  

Then, in March 2020, the Pandemic hit. I had been working full-time as a Social Media Strategist for multiple accounts. When production in Italy, China and India was halted, most of my client's small fashion companies didn't make it through- and I was out of work.

I saw this as a gift from the "Universe". I moved my stuff into storage, left NYC and transitioned to life in Texas (actually, I moved in with a guy I had been dating 3 weeks, but that's another story for another time). Nothing was certain, so it sort of felt like I had nothing to lose. I did all of the typical quarantine things: learned to bake, drank a lot, attempted and abandoned at least 3 different arts and crafts hobbies, gained 15lbs and created Argot Swim. 

A little more than a year later, I'm back in NYC, Argot Swim is a real thing and that one guy is my fiancé. Life is weird. 

Everyone deserves to feel good in a swim suit & you deserve to feel good about how it was made too. I hope you feel like a cool, sexy icon wearing Argot. Because you are a cool, sexy icon. No vacation days required.